Wildely Organized develops custom-made, family-oriented organization solutions that create more time in your day, beauty in your home, and functionality in your life. 

Make space for more.


That’s the percentage of Americans who say their house isn’t organized enough. And 55% of the folks in that group agree that the mess in their homes is a major source of stress for them. 

Studies have shown that a disorganized environment raises your stress hormone levels, leading to poorer eating choices, further vulnerability to disease, and more difficulty sleeping. 

The worst part? Most folks would like to get organized. They just have no idea where to start.

That’s where we come in.


It’s time to invest in your personal growth and establish peace in your home. 

Imagine reaching into the pantry and knowing where all of your ingredients were. Or agreeing to host friends at the last minute, confident that you’d be able to pull the house together in time. 

you don't have

With Wildely Organized...

to imagine anymore


Offering thoughtful, professional home organization with

Offering thoughtful, professional home organization with no stress, shame, or judgement


We do things differently here. 

You see, organizing a home isn’t just about the space. It’s about the people—the family—that occupy it. 

To us, kindness and generosity are just as important as systems and storage containers. We approach your space 100% judgment-free and develop solutions that work for your family. 

From ideation to final check-ins, we’re involved in every stage of the decluttering and organizing process, ensuring you’re happy with the result.

Learn more about the method that’s brought dozens of Houston homes from chaos to calm.

The Wildely Organized Experience

Your custom in-home organization package includes:
  • Your personalized in-home consultation, where we walk the space  
  • An organization plan tailored to your needs, your family’s personalities, and the home you live in
  • Scheduled organizing and decluttering session(s) in your home with Jordan and assistants, as needed
  • Disposal or donation of all unwanted items
  • Lifetime mentorship and customized organizing recommendations from Jordan that help you maintain peace and organization in your home
  • Wellness checks in the weeks and months following our sessions to ensure you are satisfied with your results
  • Additional tweaks to your organization system, as needed


Step into sanctuary

 natalie // former client

She helped take my deep and disorganized pantry and turned it into a functional pantry! I can now find what I need and actually know what I have. I am no longer buying items I already have. 

Jordan helped me categorize my items so it worked for our family.

 Alicia // former client

I’m finding it so much easier to clean along as the day goes now because it’s a simple throw it back in it’s designated bin before we play with something else.

I really appreciate everything you did for us, Jordan!

 paige // former client

Jordan did a great job with helping direct me in getting things de-cluttered and simplifying my spaces. I love how my spaces are set up and I know exactly where things go and can easily put them back in their place. It’s helped me come up with my own daily disciplines to stay decluttered!

I know exactly where things go.

Restore peace in your home with ease

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step 03





Your home restored to peace + prosperity.

Your introductory call + needs assessment.

Your personalized home organization plan.

Your in-home transformation experience.

step 04

step 02

We’ve simplified the process of organizing your home to just four easy steps.

Let’s get started.

Book your free, no-obligation consultation—and see your home transform. 


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